Rhodes Rugby Back on Track

Rhodes Rugby Club will host St Marks RFC at Great Field this saturday, 4 August 2012. The first of the two matches will kick-off at 14:00.

The game forms part of the second round of the EPRU’s Adams Cup tournament that pit Rhodes against Grahamstown and surroundings teams. This will be the first match the team play after a successfull USSA tournament in Johannesburg.


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Welcome Back!

take a bow…..

Good day rugby club, Welcome back, I trust that you all had a well-earned vac. To start it has been confirmed that the u21A side has won their league and have been promoted into the A section of the league, a BIG congratulations to the players, Justin and all others involved. I would also like to congratulate the 1XV side on making a statement at the USSA 2012 held at WITS University in Johannesburg. They won 2 from 3 matches and so from this have been ranked 2nd strongest team that fall behind trying stars in the upcoming second leg of the Adams Cup competition.

Then it is clear that the annual Intervarsity is upon us, the game will be played in 3 weeks’ time, I urge you all to get down to practice and become a part of an experience that will be a part of you for a life time. I have sent to each and everyone of you the entire sporting conduct of the weekend so please read through ALL the attachments regarding the Intervarsity. The attachments include rules and expectations of Rhodes students on the weekend. Then to the long awaited Rhodes rugby internal league, I have also sent you its rules, fixtures and times as well as my details if you have any queries. Please be sure to look through them. I look forward to spending an exciting o-term filled with mounds of rugby events. Let’s look to make Rhodes University proud of its rugby and go out onto the field to make a statement each and every time. Enjoy the rest of the week and look out for sales of supporter’s vests and old Rhodian attire.

Enjoy the rest of the week.


Chase le Roux. (Chairman)

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Condolences to Cradock Primary School and the Van Der Merwe Family

Rhodes Rugby Players at Cradock primary

We wish to extend our condolences and let you know you are all in our thoughts and prayers during this heartbreaking time. Mr Wimpie Van der Merwe and his lovely school were wonderful hosts to our Rugby Team for our pre-tournament camp from 25-30 June 2012. We can’t begin to understand your loss. We just wish we could gather the right words to make your pain less and offer you some comfort.

You are always in our thoughts.

Rhodes Rugby Team!

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Rhodes is now part of the EP U/21 A Section

This is just one of 3 objectives we set ourselves to achieve. We failed in qualifying for Varsity shield, but we still have a possibility of qualifying for the EPRU Adams cup as well. Download the below document to see the official letter to the Sports Officer.

– The coach

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Closing Remark From The Captain.

Rhodes Rugby Captain, Justin McDougall in purple shirt

I think in terms of building Rhodes Rugby this tour was a very successful one, I don’t think any team in the last 5 years of more has had the luxury of a weeklong “intensive” training camp prior to leaving for the USSA champs, and obviously this camp helped the side tremendously in the build up to the event.  I would be lying if I told you that the side (including coach and management) isn’t disappointed after the loss to NWU-vaal, especially after all the hard work and being in such a dominant position at half time (20-5 up) to lose that game really hurt the side.  I don’t think this side did anything wrong on this occasion to lose this game as it was there for our taking, but I think the lack of experience was the biggest factor in this loss (considering our oldest player turned 23 just this year, and the NWU-vaal sides youngest player was probably 23 or older).  But on a positive note, the team won their other 2 games comfortably and the young talent coming through can only mean good things for Rhodes Rugby in the foreseeable future and I have no doubt in 2 years time Rhodes Rugby will be capable of succeeding where we failed and make it into the Varsity Shield.

So where to from now: As it stands it looks like the team will be competing in the Adam’s Cup in the third term, and nothing less than winning this will be the goal after such a strong showing at the USSA champs.  And of course there is the Intervarsity to look forward to in a month’s time, which is being hosted at Rhodes which makes it even more of an occasion to showcase to the varsity just how much skill and talent the rugby club possesses, and make every single Rhodes Student proud to be a Rhodent.

On behalf of the team I would just like to thank Rhodes University Sports Admin, our Coach, management, Spar (for their generous sponsorship) and mostly the players for making this tour the success it has been.

2, 3 Rhodes!!

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A word from the coach.

Rhodes Rugby Coach, Qondakele Sompondo, inside the change room

After our game against WSU-Buffalo, I realised just how much we have achieved as a team in a short space of time. We only started working together mid-April. We sat down and came up with a plan that would help position Rhodes Rugby to its rightful place. USSA was central to that as one of the milestones not our final destination. We wanted to conquer USSA, not only because there was an opportunity to play Varsity Shield rugby, but to come and make a statement that Rhodes Rugby is positioning itself as a force it once was.

Today, I’m a very proud man because we have achieved our objective. We may not have been able to attain Varsity Shield status but we won 2 out of the 3 games we played, played some amazing and entertaining rugby, and ended third in the overall standing of eight-team group C. This with an avarage age of 21 in the team. These boys will play Rhodes Rugby for the next two or three years. We have received positive feedback from other Universities, including NWU-Vaal that beat us. We will now go back and start preparing for the Eastern Province Rugby Union’s Adams Cup Competition and Inter-varsity to be hosted by Rhodes on august 17-18th. This would be a wonderful opportunity to showcase to the Rhodes Community and people of Grahamstown just how much the team has grown and developed since the beginning of the year.

Credit must go to the Boys…Well done ‘buggers’. Rhodents for Life!!

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Match Won!

Rhodes 31-21 WSU-Buffalo. Its 2 out of 3 for Rhodes Rugby at USSA 2012.

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